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Yr 10 Enrichment - Career Development

Yr 10 Enrichment - Career Development

November is National Career Development Month!!

And time to start your Career Development…

Along the way, you are going to meet some famous faces that want to help you in starting your Career Development….

Angela Bishop – Network 10

Mark Furze – Home and Away

David Wirrpanda – AFL West Coast Eagles


You will meet them in a moment as you go through the videos and answer the questions….

Career Development – What do you want for your future?

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Now read the notes below and answer the questions:


What is a Career?

It is more than just your Job…. It’s Your Life Style, Your Learning and Your Work.


Getting the Career you want takes Career Development…

This means:

  • Actively managing your life
  • Always learning
  • Being ready for change
  • Helps you get the career you want

You need to make great choices about your:

  • your education
  • your training
  • your occupation possibilities


Activity: First Things First….. Let’s think about you!!  Answer the following in a group discussion...

  1. Things I like to do (interests and hobbies) are?.....
  2. In a few years time I would like to be working with?....


In your life, your career choices will probably change.  You likely to change your job 6-10 times in a life time in 3-5 different occupations.


Concluding, we now know that, Career Development Skills are important:

  • Self Evaluate
  • Search for Opportunities
  • Keep on Learning
  • Value Experience
  • Make Informed Decisions
  • Manage Change
  • Be Adaptable and Resilient


Change is Constant - Embrace It!!

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We now know that:

  • Change is constant
  • Learning is on going
  • We need to focus on the journey
  • We you: Need to Know Your Self, Believe In Your Self and Follow Your Heart
  • You Should Access Your Allies (friends, family and contacts)